Gluten Free Cornbread

Bob's Red Mill Cornbread

Back by popular demand: A tasty breakfast starring gluten free cornbread!

This cornbread is beyond yummy.

Here’s how:

  • Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix
  • 1 ½ cups milk (rice, soy, dairy)
  • ½ cup oil or melted butter ( I prefer olive oil)
  • and two eggs

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. and grease a 9″x9″ non stick pan. Combine milk, eggs, and oil. Mix with cornbread mix. Pour, bake for 25 minutes, or until crisped to your liking,

That’s all!

Makes a great breakfast muffin…

or scrumptious side at your next gluten free bbq.

I like to top it with butter and raw honey. YUM.

Yours truly,





Imagining about imagination.

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“The mystery is this: although the imagination is inspired by the everyday world – by its flaws and beauties – we are able to see beyond our sources, to imagine things that exist only in the mind. We notice an incompleteness and we can complete it; the cracks in things become a source of light. Every creative story is different. And every creative story is the same. There was nothing. Now there is something. It’s almost like magic.”

– John Lehrer (Imagine: How Creativity Works)

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see speak hear no evil

We have all felt it. The often crippling anxiety caused by fear. Fear of rejection, fear of pain, fear of loneliness, fear of judgement. But what for?

Even with my extremely limited knowledge of human anatomy, I know adrenaline when I feel it. A chemical reaction designed for our caveman selves: fight or flight. It’s when my face and chest become flushed with my notorious red blotches. My words come out in jumbled attempts at sounding intelligent. Once I even experienced full body shivers (which were hard to play off in the heat of Tucson, Arizona)

But to be honest, I can’t relate to that person anymore. It seems like another human. And fuck am I relieved about that.

I am happy to report that us humans have evolved to no longer need the fight or flight reaction in 99% of situations. If you answer a question poorly in an interview, your interviewer will not start salivating and chasing you down Madison Avenue to have you for dinner. It will be OK.

I have learned a lot about myself while tackling the challenges of creating a life for myself in NYC. It’s the land of opportunity…you arrive with wide eyes and an open heart but let’s be real, the vastness of it all can crush you. Make you feel tiny and confused. Your to-do list seems endless and your bank account certainly is not. Fear was only getting in my way.

Fearlessnessing began for me in a somewhat delusional state. I was a few weeks into the sport of networking, which consisted of meeting or phoning with three to six people per week on a relentless odyssey to find The Dream Job. My first encounters were carefully calculated. Contrived by politely crafted e-mails, with verbose language and high praise of the recipient. Mostly, I got short responses. “No, traveling this month. E-mail me end of March.” Or “Sure. Wednesday 8:30am Le Pain in West Vill?” (ALWAYS Le Pain….) I spent half a day researching. Wrote out questions, and jotted down talking points so I could maneuver the conversation toward The Dream Job.

The result was stiff uninspiring conversations. I wasn’t able to speak fluidly and my repeatedly affirmative responses came across as kiss ass. This was not me. I was hiding under a veil of fear. Where was charming, outgoing, confident Kiley? The Kiley who spoke to the CEO of her dad’s company with ease, grace, and personality. Exhausted, and realizing my tactics were not yielding the results I wanted [and needed!], I decided all at once to stop giving a fuck. And that’s when things really stared to happen for me.

Now, we’ve all read some list about top things people say they regret on their deathbed, and you know how I feel about lists! But this list actually has some incredible food for thought. Two stick out to me in particular: 1) I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. & 2) I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

This is impactful shit. Really stop and think about this. They are revealing some major secrets to living the best life.

Through tiny wins throughout my life, I had already developed the confidence in my ability to get shit done. Fearlessnessing is trusting your authentic self. Shedding the self-doubt and the habits developed from social expectations reveals a more raw human you. This is the human that people like and relate to. The human that people are enthused to help. If you are trying to convince someone to trust that you are worth their recommendation, advice, and guidance, I learned that you must show them that you trust yourself.

So fast forward a few months, a few letdowns, and a lot of life lessons…I made it. I have a job that I love, where my teammates respect me for my own unique talents, skills, quirks, and personality. I speak and act transparently. And I never show self doubt or apologize for me being me. Fearlessnessing is a new constant in my life, allowing me to power through whatever obstacle the gods of NYC decide to throw my way.


Looking back on a century of the printed word: AIGA’s “100 Years of Type in Design” retrospective

Looking back on a century of the printed word: AIGA’s “100 Years of Type in Design” retrospective

My first blog post for my new company Siegel+Gale!


This past Thursday, AIGA National Design Center hosted Siegel+Gale for a private tour of its current exhibit, “Century: 100 Years of Type in Design.” Joined by an eclectic group of our designers, strategists, and business team members alike, I was delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about a design discipline we often take for granted, and to appreciate it as a pure art form in it’s own right.

Type Exhibit



Cajun Salmon Burgers with Kale on toasted Pecan Rice Bread #YUM

Here’s a delicious stopmotion recipe for Cajun Salmon Burgers. Half cheated and bought the patties freshly pre made at Whole Foods…only $4 each! Add a little Kale sauteed with olive oil, garlic, and sunflower seeds, and eat open faced on to die for Pecan Rice Gluten Free Toast.

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13.6 Reasons Why I Hate Online List Articles

  1. They make me realize my attention span is too short to read full sentences side by side.
  2. GIFs are a force.
  3. They are about topics like: “21 Animals Who Watched Mulan Way Too Many Times
  4. They have headlines that suggest you could die if you don’t read it
  5. Superlatives are used far too loosely.
  6. I have a major issue with false assumptions of expertise. Sorry, who is the author of this?
  7. The number of items on the list represent how many minutes were spent creating that fine piece of journalism.
  8. They give you a false warm fuzzy feeling for belonging to a group that all share #[InsertSubGroup]problems.
  9. Everything is mind blowing, life altering, or ways you MUST live by.
  10. By the end of the list you realize it was probably intended for the 7th-10th grade demographic.
  11. They’re manipulated to create an overwhelming urge to tag someone you just KNOW can relate. #truth #tellmeaboutit #storyofmylife
  12. Their analysis reveals a depth of thought close to what a nine year old is capable of.
  13. They are more overdone than the bacon I made for breakfast this morning.

13.6. They over promise and unde…….

It’s garbage. The demise of journalism is upon us.

Online lists 2


Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Do Something

Today I will do something I’ve never done before.

A simple request?

I scribbled this on a random page in my notebook before I left California, with the intention of inspiring myself with a fun challenge somewhere down the road in my new territory of New York.

Well I discovered it March 13th–with excitement & anticipation. I conjured up some ideas–but with my limited budget, I had to nix quite a few. Also it was cold out…SO COLD! So limiting.

I floated around the page, trying to avoid it until I could pull off something story-worthy.

I played basketball in a NYC park. I ate eggplant in my stir fry. I plotted a trip to my first NYC movie theater. I even signed my first apartment lease! But none of these felt epic enough for my special page. I was getting antsy, and was disappointed I didn’t act upon the spontaneity as I had intended.

Then on March 22nd, my boyfriend and I joined his sister and her boyfriend on a little road trip to Woodstock, New York. And I stayed in my very first Bed & Breakfast! Finally I decided, this would be worthy.

Like my mom always told me: Don’t assume! It makes an ass out of u and me.

Here’s the deal: I have to be straight up, Woodstock was pretty anticlimactic. As you might already know, Woodstock (the festival) actually happened it Bethel. Turns out Bethel isn’t the small neighboring farm town….it’s a whole whopping 67.1 miles away. Essentially, Woodstock is a sleepy town with one street full of Tchotchke* shops, surviving off the fame of a festival (that didn’t even happen there!) 45 years ago.

We ate/drank, did our hour of shopping….and retired to the B&B to tend to our bottle of vodka. As you can imagine, things went up from here. We wandered, we danced with the local band at the local watering hole, we terrorized the kind waitstaff of Yum Yum Noodles, and we PTFO by 10:30.

Shout out to the sushi chef who maneuvered Sky’s wallet into the band’s tip jar, to the strange strange Jewish woman who surely mistook the B&B for a mental institution, and of course to Nancy–the sweet B&B host, who brought us fresh ice from the market like 4 times in 2 hours. We was thirstay!

No doubt, the troublemaking foursome that we are made the best of the circumstances. But I had assumed this was the epic story I was waiting for, when really, my new life in New York has been an ongoing compilation of smaller “firsts.” And that is exactly why I set out on this cross country transplant. I once read that novelty is the greatest aphrodisiac– and I couldn’t be more of a believer. It’s essentially what drives my life choices.

My point is….do something you’ve never done before! Today! It doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy, or something you’d even think to tell your roommates about. Just do something.

I will definitely do this challenge again. And I’ll always remember to be recognizing and appreciating the small firsts and novelties I experience everyday. This is how we grow.

Make today the day you do something you’ve never done before. And post your story here!

Can’t wait to get inspired by all y’all, and add some new firsts to my to do list.

Much love.


a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket.
a pretty girl or woman.

[It’s a Jew thing…everyone on this coast seems to be fluent in yiddish]

the story